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How will I know when EZPay will withdraw or charge for the first time?
Kemper Specialty will mail you a "Notification of Automatic Withdrawal" prior to your first payment withdrawal/charge. This notice will explain the amount due and when the monthly withdrawals will begin.


I got a bill, but I just signed up for EZPay auto-recurring payments. Do I pay it?
Yes. If you receive a bill even though you are enrolled in EZPay, you should pay the bill. Due to timing, a payment may be due prior to your automatic withdrawals are set to begin. You will receive a notice when the automatic payments are scheduled to begin.


I took my payments off EZPay auto-recurring payments (bank, credit or debit card). Why did my payment go up?
You are given a lower installment fee when your policy is set up for EZPay automatic withdrawal. If EZPay is removed, the installment fee is adjusted and may cause your payment to go up.


What policy types can use EZPay?
All policy types can be paid with EZPay.


Will I get a notice every time a payment is due?
No, you will only get a notice for the first withdrawal or if the amount of the withdrawal changes.


How can customers sign-up for EZPay?
New customers can choose EZPay when buying a policy from their auto insurance agency. Existing customers can sign up online at KemperSpecialty.com by logging in with their User ID and Password, selecting "Submit Payment" from the menu, and choosing "Sign up for Future Automatic Payments". Or, customers can contact their auto insurance agent / broker. If more assistance is needed, customers can call Kemper Specialty Customer Service at 1.800.456.0448.


Are there lower installment fees for EZPay?
Yes, currently the installment fees are lower for EZPay than for billing monthly installments.


What payment cards are accepted in the EZPay program?
Payment cards accepted in the EZPay program are MasterCard, Visa, and Debit Cards with the MasterCard or Visa Card logo/symbol.


Will Kemper Specialty still accept Enrollment Forms on the backs of bills for registering EZPay customers?
Yes, there will be paper forms available on the backs of the monthly bills (for setting up bank account drafts only - not available for credit/debit card payments). Customers can register by signing the back of the bill and returning it with their payment.


What if a payment isn't able to go through because of insufficient funds (either in bank account or credit/debit card)?
For EZPay payments from a bank account, the funds are resubmitted if at the first withdrawal attempt they are insufficient. If not paid the 2nd time then a cancellation notice is sent. For EZPay payments from a payment card, we will send a cancellation notice as soon as we are notified that the funds are not available. Neither of these payment methods (bank or credit card) are removed from EZPay when there is an NSF or insufficient funds.  The EZPay enrollment will continue, and if certified funds replace the NSF and the policy is reinstated, then the next bill installment will draft from the account.


Will the payments set up on EZPay come out of my account the same day every month?
The date of the automatic withdrawal will be the same date each month either ON or AFTER the day of the month indicated on the "Notification of Automatic Withdrawal" letter which is sent to all customers enrolled in the EZPay option.

Will I get a statement to let me know that an EZPay payment processed?
Payments processed will appear on the bank or credit card statement from your financial institution.  Statements will not be provided from Kemper Specialty.


When will the amount paid for an EZPay payment show up on my account?
Typically the amount paid will display on the bank or credit card statement within 3 to 5 business days.


Will the amount of withdrawal for an EZPay payment ever change?
Yes, there are some circumstances where the amount withdrawn could change. If this happens, you will  receive a notice in the mail letting you know the new withdrawal amount.


If I have any questions regarding EZPay, who should I contact to answer my questions?
If you have questions regarding EZPay recurring payments, please contact Kemper Specialty Customer Service at 1.800.456.0448.


What happens when my policy renews? Will I renew automatically?
Yes, when your policy renews, you will receive information in the mail about your renewal, and your payments will continue to be withdrawn automatically.


Will I be able to change the date of the automatic recurring payments?
You can choose a convenient due date. Please contact Kemper Specialty Customer Service at 1.800.456.0448, and they will assist you.


How can I cancel my EZPay auto-recurring payments?
In the event you wish to stop using EZPay auto-recurring payments, you can cancel any time before the due date. You may contact us to cancel by calling Kemper Specialty Customer Service at 1.800.456.0448.


When can I sign-up for EZPay?
You can sign-up for EZPay auto-recurring payments any time.


What accounts can I use for EZPay auto-recurring payments?
You can set up EZPay for banking accounts such as checking, savings as well as credit or debit payment cards with the MasterCard and Visa logo.


Can I change my existing EZPay auto-recurring payment from my bank to a credit or debit card?
Yes, you can change this online. Please note that it will take 3-5 days to change.


Can I make additional payments if I'm on the EZPay auto-recurring payment plan?
You can make additional payments at any time. The amount for each remaining installment will be adjusted to reflect the payment.